Loong Air (China)

Captain A320

Recruiting in Partnership

Contract Options: 4 flexible scheduling options. All amounts are AFTER TAX.
Option A (Live in China) – 45 days off per year: $25,833 per month
Option B – Commuting 6 weeks on/2 weeks off: $23,667 per month
Option C – Commuting 6 weeks on/3 weeks off: $21,783 per month
Option D - Commuting 4 weeks on/4 weeks off: $17,167 per month
Includes base salary, travel allowance, safety bonus and annual bonus.
• Base salary
o Option A: $21,000/mo. (80 hours per month)
o Option B: $19,000/mo. (75 hours per month)
o Option C: $17,500/mo. (70 hours per month)
o Option D: $13,500/mo. (70 hours per month)
• Additional benefits
o Housing Allowance: Option A: $1,500/mo., Option B: $1,500/mo. Option C:
$1,200/mo. Option D: $1,000/mo.
o Travel Allowance: $500/mo.
o Transportation Allowance: $500/mo.
o Safety bonus:
-Option A: $16,000/yr
-Option B: $14,000/yr
-Option C: $13,000/yr
-Option D: $8,000./yr
o Annual Bonus
- First Year: $10,000
- Second Year: $12,000
- Third Year: $14,000
o Overtime: $350/hr.
o Training pay: $400/day for 60 days. 80% of the base salary and full allowances if
ground training exceeds 60 days.
o 6 free tickets (standby tickets) and unlimited 75% off standby tickets for pilot and
his direct family members.

Hainan Airlines (China)

Captain B737 - B787 - A330


Beijing Capital Airlines (China)

Captain A320 - A330

Recruiting in Partnership.

COVID temporarily conditions:

5000USD per month + 282USD per hour.

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